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The River Cestos The River Cestos The River Cestos

Cestos River Communities Benefit From Life Saving Jackets

Over the weekend, people living in towns along the Cestos River benefited from the donation of life jackets. There have been frequent deaths by drowning when canoes and ferries used as the primary means for crossing the Cestos River capsize. During a visit to Cestos in late 2011, members of the Houston based International Management Corporation promised to provide an assortment of floatation devises to enhance the safety of persons using the Cestos River for transportation. That promise was made good on August 24, 2013 when IMC delivered the Safety Vests to the County officials in Cestos City and demonstrated how it should use.

The River Cestos The River Cestos

On behalf of the citizens of Cestos City the Resident Circuit Judge Samuel Geevon Smith and the Mayor of the City Sarah Zeo, both conveyed the gratitude of the people of Rivercess for the donation and lauded International Management Corporation for keeping the promise to provide the essential life saving jackets to people using the Cestos River for transportation. Beginning Saturday, August 24, 2013, every person boarding a canoe or ferry to cross the Cestos River must wear a Safety Vest. Town assess using the Cestos River crossing include Zebozon, Neegba, Pillar of Fire Mission, Pankloh and several other adjacent dwellings. Report From Cestos City, Rivercess County, LIBERIA

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