Senior Management of IMC

Tony Webber

Tony Webber – President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As founder and CEO of International Management Corporation, Webber has been responsible for development and execution of all the projects. Under his leadership since 1991, the group of companies has completed 175 national and international Projects. His duties include pre-planning, contracting, administration, cost control, scheduling, implementation, due diligence, pro-forma analysis, design team selection, supervision and sub-contractor oversight. Tony Webber is the vision that drives IMC. He is a graduate of Texas Tech University at Lubbock, Texas.        

Dr Paul Joseph

Dr. Paul Joseph - Executive Vice President

As Executive Vice President of International Management Corporation (IMC) Africa Division, Dr. Joseph identifies opportunities for capital infrastructure projects utilizing Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) and Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (DBOT) such as: airports, deepwater ports, public/social housing, international industrial/free trade zones, commercial structures and alternative energy solutions in West African (ECOWAS) 16 countries. He has more than 25 years of professional management experience in providing direct assistance as an International Consultant in the economic development of African countries through the introduction of American, European, Middle Eastern and Asian products such as, wireless telecommunications, hotel development/tourism, low & medium technologies and management services. As Airport Manager/Administration he oversaw the implementation of the $400 million renovation of Hobby Airport’s Terminal and Parking Facilities in Houston, TX, along with the design and engineering teams. Dr. Joseph coordinated a staff of 200 employees conducting surveys with passengers, tenants, the media and airport staff to ensure safe, secure and efficient facilities. He also participated in the East Africa Hunger Relief Initiatives/Action Aid in the late 80s.

Mr. Ousmane Wade

Mr. Ousmane Wade - Africa Regional Vice President

As IMC Africa Regional Vice President for Business Development he identifies opportunities in expanding IMC services ion the African Continent specializing in import/export, social housing, industrial infrastructures, governmental relations and joint venture partnership development.

Wade also serves as President/Director General of L-Iris an international company located in Dakar, Senegal-West Africa with a team of professional technical engineers specializing in laboratory and development of firmware, tutorials and automating administrative services. He has experience as an analyst programmer and information systems engineer at the University of Computer Science and Management of Paris in France.

As businessman and international consultant he has developed strong business ties in government and private sectors throughout African, European and North American countries in infrastructure and business development, finance, agriculture, import/export (precious metals/minerals; gold, diamonds, gems, copper, bauxite), tourism and foreign affairs. Wade is fluent in French, English and several indigenous languages and is a French national.

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